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I had imagined all sorts of race scenarios for the Victoria marathon, but I never saw this coming.

Friday morning I woke up feeling ever so slightly congested. No big deal, and I felt better soon after breakfast.

Saturday CFL and I got up early to catch the morning ferry to Victoria. I had a sore throat. We walked downtown to the ferry. We found seats and I soon dozed off. No worries, I’d had a short night, right? A nap should fix everything.

We docked in Victoria, walked to the race expo, and picked up our race bibs and shirts (CFL was walking the half marathon). We walked to our favorite deli for an early lunch. We walked to our motel.

It was barely past noon, but we figured we could drop off our bags, and then check in later in the afternoon. But I was tired, and my throat was getting very sore. I asked if we could check in early so I could take a nap. They had a room ready for us.

I went to bed and slept soundly until about 3:30. I had planned all along to eat an early dinner so I could get to bed early and try to get a halfway decent night’s sleep before the marathon. So I got up and we walked to our favorite place for pre-race dinner.

After I’d eaten, I felt a bit better, but I was beginning to realize that I’d need a miraculous overnight improvement if I was going to run 26.2 miles.

I was back in bed before 8:00.

The full wrath of the virus from hell hit overnight. For hours I struggled to breathe. My head felt like it weighed 5,000 pounds and was going to explode any minute.

Still, it was not until 3:30 AM that I fully accepted that no way, no how was I going to run a marathon that day.

I vaguely remember CFL getting up and going out to walk his half marathon.

I didn’t get out of bed until noon.

From that point, I began to feel better. I was able to get up, walk around, eat, sleep another night, and get myself back to the ferry and home on Monday.

I’m still tired, but essentially I “only” have a heavy cold now. I’ll feel a lot better in a few more days.

I spent some time last night looking for another suitable marathon between now and the end of the year, but there isn’t anything that would tempt me to travel to run. So I’ll just put all those weeks of training on the shelf. I’ll decide, probably around the first of next year, whether I want to train for another full marathon. I probably will. I still want to do it. But right now I am so, so disappointed.

There were 21 people in my age/gender group. Had I run the race I’d hoped to run (basically, I figured I could do the 4:50 I ran two years ago, plus or minus 2 minutes), I would have finished in the top ten. I guess that’s enough to keep me motivated.

Until next time, I guess!

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  1. You were WISE to capitulate, not force yourself into a damn-the-torpedoes disaster. As for placing: I have a vivid memory of running with a guy that seemed to be in my age group, until I finally decided that he was just too slow to run with. t I took off and was 11th in my age group. HE was FIRST in the YOUNGER age group. ‘Go figure’, but you can’t !

    Every running event is it’s own world.

    Every Porsche event is it’s own reward.


    • Thanks, Bruce, but wisdom had nothing to do with it. There was no way I could have willed myself to get out of bed and run that morning. Incredibly bad timing, and there was nothing I could have done about it. Alas, but what’s past is over and done now.

  2. Oh, Lori! I can just feel the weight of disappointment, and “bummed” doesn’t begin to say it! I thought of you on Sunday and have been waiting to hear how well you placed! Your training has been so strategic that you’d even calculated the potential for negative weather. A virus– “NOW?” I’m sure your training wasn’t for nothing, so my best advice is to keep your eyes out for somewhere fabulous and exciting to run the next marathon! You deserve to make this even more special than it already is. What a disappointment. I’m glad you got home alright! Sounds like you really did get the virus from hell!

    • Hi Debra, thanks.

      We’ve reached that time of year when super-long training sessions become difficult due to short days and cold/wet weather, so a winter or early spring marathon isn’t really a good option.

      If I pick a late spring or summer race, I’d have to squeeze it in between cycling events. I’m better off once again targeting a fall marathon. Right now I’m thinking I’ll probably put my name in the lottery for next year’s Chicago Marathon and see if I get randomly picked this time. It’s the same day as Victoria and the one I’d really wanted to do this year.

      In retrospect, I’m SO glad I didn’t get picked for Chicago this year — I’d be even more disappointed if I’d spent a few thousand dollars to travel to Chicago for a week and THEN gotten sick. At least this way I was only out the cost of a ferry ride and a couple of nights in a motel. And I did get to keep the shirt. 🙂

  3. I just found your blog and I was very much in the same place in April of this year. I trained all through the grueling winter for my very first full marathon and the Tuesday before the scheduled race on Saturday, I started with a stomach virus. I kept telling myself it would be gone and I’d be ready by Saturday but when I went to line up Saturday morning, I knew it wasn’t meant to be. I did run the slowest half marathon I’ve ever run but having had no food for 5 days, a full marathon was not something I was even capable of doing. I’m going to train again this year and see where that takes me. You are an inspiration and I will enjoy keeping up with your blog.

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for finding my blog. As awful as it was when was happening, I think that training for and then missing out on a goal race was actually a very inspiring experience for me. It’s made me all the more excited about training for the next one! I hope it works out that way for you too.

      • It actually gave me some breathing room, if that makes sense. I am looking forward to more marathon training through this winter. I ran 2 half marathons in the fall and all that training really helped. It’s funny how running 13 miles seems so much easier after training 20 miles in one long run.

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