Finally an OFFICIAL sub-60 10K

The Port Angeles Rain Deer Run was only a “fun run” but I took it seriously. There was an official starting line. There was a starter, who sent us off with a wailing siren. There were course workers. There was a clock at the finish, and I watched the seconds tick as I approached the finish line. Best of all, there were gender/age class medals, and I earned one!

Since we all seem to be obsessed this week with taking “selfies,” I couldn’t resist posing for my iPhone before the start. As one of the first 50 registered runners, I was given antlers when I checked in. I proudly perched them on top of my Santa hat.

There were maybe 100 runners in all, about two-thirds of whom were running or walking the 5K. Some of the costumes were really clever… a whole family in Santa suits, several people in footed one-piece jammies, a couple of women in red tutus, and a really stunning angel. I was fairly low-key in my green shirt, red vest, Santa hat, and two jingle bells (one around my neck and the other tied to my left shoe).

As I looked around at the start, I didn’t see many runners who appeared to be in my age group, so I thought maybe I’d have a chance at a medal. The weather was perfect — around 45 degrees and calm. Rain was in the forecast but hadn’t materialized.

The siren blared and off we went! At first I was distracted by the sound of my bells, and I worried that I might annoy runners around me. I had to grab at my antlers a couple of times to reassure myself that they weren’t going to fall off. Then I forgot about all that stuff and just ran.

It was a little crowded at first. The 5Kers and 10Kers all started together, and there were lots of young children doing the 5K. I found myself behind two little boys who would run as fast as they could and then screech to a slow walk. Once I finally got past them on the narrow trail, I had clear sailing. At the 1.55 mile mark all the 5Kers turned around, and then for a while I couldn’t see anyone ahead of or behind me.

Soon I started to see 10Kers coming back from our turnaround point, and I counted them as they came. To my delight I discovered that I was about 10th overall at the 3.1 mile turnaround point. My watch read 29:45 — I was comfortably on pace and ready to pick up the tempo! Only one person had passed me up to that point, but right after the turnaround I passed her back and passed another person. I was all alone again.

Then about a mile and a half from the finish I saw another runner in the distance. Ever so gradually I gained on her. Right about the six mile mark I was close enough that she noticed me. She started to sprint and I thought, maybe I should just let her go. Then she eased off and I gained again. She sprinted another few steps and slowed down again. As I came up alongside of her, I threw her a big smile and said, “let’s race!” I pulled ahead of her and didn’t see her again.

I hit the finish line at 58:04. That was good enough to take home a third-place gender/age group medal. As it turned out, that runner I’d passed at the end was in my G/A group, and I’d barely nosed her out of a medal. And yes, there were several more people in our G/A group behind the two of us. I’m not so slow.

To make it an even sweeter semi-victory, I won one of the many very generous prizes donated by local businesses. I took home a $25 Costco gift card (which entirely covered the cost of my entry fee) and a three-month membership to a local fitness club. Hmmm…. I’ve been thinking about doing a little weight training in 2014. I might actually put that membership to use!

When I got home and downloaded the data from my GPS, I was amazed to see that my 9:20 overall pace was not just a 10K PR, but the fastest I have ever completed any distance. I have run lots of individual miles (usually the last mile) during longer runs at a faster pace, but I’ve never completed a run at a faster overall pace.

It was a good day! CFL and I walked down the street to our local brewpub, where I enjoyed their special 3rd anniversary beer, a bourbon-aged pale ale. Then it was home, where a warm shower greeted me and a blog softly called to me, “write, write…..”

And here I am! Proudly telling you about a wonderful run on a beautiful day and another PR on the books. Hurrah!

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  1. Sure did enjoy the “selfie” that you posed for Lori! Love the blog and anxiously await the next chapter.


  2. Congratulations once again! This sounds like a “fun” crowd, with still very strong running goals. It’s a great photo! It shows a little playfulness in a race that is still serious enough to consider studying stats recorded on your personal GPS. 🙂 Well done!

    • Thanks Debra! Yes, it was a lot of fun. I’ve never before had that experience of reeling in and passing another runner in the final yards before the finish. I realized yesterday that I actually have a very strong competitive streak. Simply going out to run 3-4 days a week is a great thing, but the races — even the “fun” runs — are really what inspire me to keep running, to plan and to train, and to try to be just a bit faster each time. I love that!

  3. Loved hearing about your race and your success! Well done.

    • Hi MAWIL — I’m a MAWIL too! Thanks for visiting my blog, and congratulations on your recent first half marathon. It feels wonderful, doesn’t it?

      • Yes! I’m still pretty new to all this but enjoying it. It must have been such a thrill to be a ‘winner’ rather than just a participant. At the moment I’m just glad to be a finisher and I’m busy trying to run better than I did previously. Just getting a PB in a training run keeps me buoyant!

      • “Just glad to be a finisher” — that was me for a very long time… hence the name of this blog, “Slow Happy Runner.” Keep at it and you WILL get faster!

      • Yes, it’s a whole new life that I never thought would be mine! Have a lovely Christmas and happy running for the new year! Juliex

      • Thank you Julie… same to you!!

  4. Congrats again, jingle all the way!

  5. Yay!! Congratulations and I love the free antlers!!

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