The elusive sub-60 minute 10K? I did that!

I told you I was going to do it soon, didn’t I?

I ran a long slow 11.2 miles on Sunday and figured that surely, this time, I’d need several days to recover before I’d feel like running again. I did get a little tired toward the end of that run and the soles of my feet were a bit sore. This was, after all, the longest distance I’ve run since Victoria last October.

But this morning I was ready to go! It still amazes me, but I am finding lately that the more I push myself, the more I am capable of doing… provided that I’m always careful to listen to my body and back off or rest when I really, truly need to cut myself some slack.

Today I didn’t need any more rest! I went out to the flat waterfront stretch of trail where I have probably logged the greatest number of miles over the past few years. I know this section extremely well; I can simply relax and enjoy the run.

I planned to run west about three miles and back — no specific goals, just a nice run. But I ticked off the first three miles at a surprising 9:30 pace. So I thought — why not give it a go? I turned around at 3.1 miles and a time of approximately 29:30. I maintained the same pace for the next two miles but allowed myself to back off a bit in mile 6, which is slightly uphill. I finished the 6.2 miles comfortably in 59:30 — and I am one not-so-slow and very happy runner!

So, having finally achieved the last of those three big hairy audacious running goals — what’s next?

I want to get to the point where I can regularly go out and run steadily for two hours or more, and then feel like running again two days later. I want to settle into a comfortable cruising pace and maintain it for longer and longer periods of time. Right now my cruising pace, based on my last three long runs, is about 10:15 — which means that I could run a half marathon right now and with just a bit of pushing I could be in PR territory again.

I obviously don’t expect to extend that pace all the way up to 25+ miles. I expect to slow down a bit as I increase my distance — but I do hope to gradually and steadily increase my distance.

Right now I think I have two new running goals:

  1. Run a sub-2:10 half marathon (I’ll need a sub-10 minute pace to do that)
  2. Complete a full marathon (preferably in under 5 hours! I think that’s quite doable)

Yes, it seems I am going to register for a marathon! It was probably inevitable that I was going to do it. I’m not ready to actually pay the money just yet — but I’m spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about it, dreaming about it, fretting about it, and getting excited about it. The race I’m considering is still over six months away, so I’ll have plenty of time to feel my way toward those longer and longer runs.

I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile I’m going to put my feet up and let myself feel proud of finally vanquishing the last of those original seemingly impossible running goals.

Who knows what may become possible, one step at a time?


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  1. Hmmmmm….you are starting to sound like that crazy Grammadog with all that talk about marathons and pr’s ….lol!

  2. Congrats Lori!

  3. I can imagine the conversation in your mind about running a marathon, Lori. With the fact that your recovery times between long runs aren’t so significant any more, I can understand the desire to go for it! Do you have a particular one you’re thinking of? Go someplace wonderful to do it–that’s my thought. LOL! You must be incredibly pleased with yourself, as you should be. And you are certainly inspirational to others in that you started with small goals and now look how far you’ve come. I’m delighted for you. I admire discipline and anyone who goes out of their comfort zones to reach for more. You’ve certainly done that, my friend!

    • Debra, I do have a specific (and wonderful) race in mind, but I’m not yet ready to tell the world which one! I am still going a bit back and forth on this — I really want to do it but I don’t want to get too carried away and hurt myself trying to do it. Coming back from a stupid injury is NOT fun and I promised CFL I would never do that again!
      We’ll see….

  4. Congratulations! A sub 60 10K is out of reach for me right now and I found your blog while looking for training tips and wanted to say it sounds like you are going about this with a lot of dedication and care. Great work!

    • Thanks for finding my blog! Some might say I am a bit fanatical about my “dedication and care,” but I think it helps to always have big goals out ahead — don’t you?

      • Big goals are good! I ran my first half on the 9th (the first six miles were uphill, I don’t know what I was thinking picking that race) but I have been feeling aimless since. I think I’d like to beat my time sometime this year but I am also feeling burnt out so I had debated focusing on the 10K distance so that I don’t have the super long training runs while I’m feeling unfocused. What do you think?

    • Hsw/Homa —

      I like the half marathon distance specifically because it IS a big challenge. If it were me feeling the post-race blah that you describe, I’d pick a half marathon in an interesting place 4-6 months from now and focus on GRADUALLY ramping up your distance and pace over that extended time period. But I don’t have small children as I believe you do, so I have lots of flexible time… otherwise a shorter distance might be more realistic.

      I’m still debating whether to move up to the full marathon this October. I love the idea, but I’m not sure my knees and left foot are really up to the challenge of so many training miles. I’m still taking it one step at a time and assessing how things are going. Meanwhile I have halfs planned for April and June… so I have plenty of interesting things to think about.

      (btw Slow Happy Runner and Slow Happy Living are the same person… me)

      • Thanks, Lori! Any the small kid factor does complicate things. I can really only run reliably three times per week and I think I needed more mileage from extra days to bolster my 1/2 training. In the summer it stays about 90 degrees here overnight so maybe I will maintain a base and ramp up the distance when it gets cooler. I have my eye on the December Hoover Dam 1/2 because now that the pain has worn off I’d like to take on the challenge again with the benefit of having experienced it before. 🙂

      • Homa, I can’t imagine running in that heat. I’d take it easy over the summer for sure, if I had to deal with that! A December half marathon seems like a very realistic goal under the circumstances, with LOTS of time to prepare and adapt.

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