Post-race reflection, pre-race musing

I promised I’d share some photos and a few thoughts about the Rogue Run. Given that Victoria is now only a few days away I figure I’d better wrap up on the last race before it comes time to write about the next one!

This is me about four miles into the race.

It was still rather crowded at this point, with people running in packs. Although we all got more spread out as the miles passed, I did stay pretty much with the people around me. Even toward the end when many of us were taking walk breaks in the heat, we all seemed to stay on a consistent pace overall. I love that feeling of being on a train or a convoy, with lots of runners moving in sync. I didn’t get to have that shared experience in my first few races, back when I would fade badly in the later miles.

My “Will run for beer” shirt got lots of smiles and thumbs up from aid station volunteers. Near the end I especially appreciated their helpful reminders that there was indeed beer waiting for me at the finish line! I was, however, NOT tempted by the can of Coors Light that they waved at me as I passed the “Table of Temptation” at approximately 11.25 miles.

I was still smiling at the end!

No I don’t know why it looks like I was walking at the end — subjectively I was flying, and my faithful GPS watch confirms that I ran that last tenth of a mile at a 9:04 pace. Admittedly I have lousy running form, but I keep do shuffling just a little more not-so-slowly.

Looking back, I’m happy with the race, and very happy with it as the last long training run before Victoria. The fact that I shaved a few more seconds off my time without having to push myself to the max bodes well for Victoria, when I do plan to leave it all out there on Belleville Street, right in front of the Parliament Building.

I haven’t run since then, but I have kept active with the usual hiking, biking, and walks around town. I’ll probably run a few miles just for fun tomorrow — I’ll try to see how closely I can stick to the 10:20 pace that I plan for the first half of the race. That should leave me plenty of energy to turn it up in the last few miles!

Between now and race day, I’ll have a birthday to celebrate. As soon as I’ve picked up my race packet on Saturday, I’m treating myself to a whale watching trip. Both orcas and humpbacks are out there in abundance right now, so I’m hoping for a great afternoon out on the water before an early dinner and early lights out.

Race time on Sunday is 7:30 AM! The forecast says sunny and 63, but that early in the morning it will be in the mid 40s. Perfect running weather!

I’m not sure when my next race after this will be. I have a couple of things in mind for the spring, and I know I’ll run our local race again next June. But I’d kind of like to free up some time in my schedule for some really long (overnight) hikes next year. And what about all that “serious writing” I said I was going to do? I’m a bit baffled as to how I’m going to fit in all the things I want to do. I’m still completely mystified as to how I ever found time to work.

Major kudos to those of you who are still working AND doing as much as possible of all the other things you love to do. Sometimes you have to be superhuman just to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

One step at a time.


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  1. Looking good Lori! How lovely to be able to plan your next step for what brings you joy.

    • Colleen, I think I’ve finally learned that joy doesn’t just magically appear. You sort of have to create the conditions for it to have any chance of emerging, in spite of whatever challenges may stand in its way. Or so I hope.

  2. I love your smile! You do look like you get in the zone and go for it! Good luck tomorrow, too. You may not read thus until well after your race, but I’ll be remembering you tomorrow and sending you support from the south! 🙂

  3. Debra, belated thanks for your good wishes!

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