A real runner never forgets her or his personal bests. Not only will I remember for the rest of my life that I ran my most recent and fastest half marathon this past June in 2:16:10, but I’ll also probably be able to tell you the mile-by-mile details of that race.

I can tell you more:

  • My fastest (unofficial) 5k: 29:19
  • My fastest (unofficial) 10k: 1:01:40 (soooo close to the sub-60 10k of my dreams)

You won’t find my 5k and 10k times online anywhere other than this blog because those weren’t timed races; hence the word “unofficial.” But my North Olympic Discovery half marathon time is out there for all the world to see.

If you don’t closely follow political news, you may not know why I’m harping on this.

So I’ll simply say it again… real runners never forget. And real runners are neither impressed nor amused when others make up stories about their alleged running achievements.

And now back to my usual slowness and happiness…   I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weekend.



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  1. I get it! We’re in for a long two months of political hyperbole, aren’t we? And on a much lighter note…I thought of you today. I wondered if I’d have the chance to tell you that my husband and I are going to walk (some will run) the length and back of the San Pedro Vincent Thomas Bridge tomorrow. It’s only a little over five miles, but that incline may get to me! LOL! It’s not quite a half marathon, but it’s being active. You inspire me, Lori…in more than a couple of ways! 🙂 Debra

    • Running (or walking) over bridges is wonderful (not as scary as riding over on a bike). I remember the Vincent Thomas Bridge well and I think it would be a great one!

      Someday I think I’ll do a photo blog of some of the interesting bridges I have run over. I haven’t yet shared my bridge photos from Sitka, have I?

      I so appreciate hearing that you and others find me inspirational. It’s one thing for me to find self-inspiration through my own small successes (which I do), and quite another to realize that I might make a difference in others’ lives.

      Thank you — and good luck on the bridge!

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