So I’m not THAT tough

Almost immediately after I hit the “publish” button on yesterday’s post, in which I patted myself on the back for being a tough Pacific Northwesterner and running/biking/hiking in the rain, the skies opened and it began to pour. Undaunted, I reminded myself that I would too go downtown for the weekly beer run.

I decided that staying as dry as possible was a higher priority than ease of movement or maintaining a comfortable body temperature. I therefore dressed in multiple layers on the theory that this would give me more time before getting soaked all the way through to the skin. Walking from my car to the brewpub, I could already tell that my theory was going to be sorely tested. When I arrived, I was surprised to see that no other runners were there. Surely I was not going to be the only one crazy enough to run in this downpour!

Sure enough, after a few minutes one runner arrived. This is a woman whom I admire for her speed and toughness — she is a local role model for me. She looked straight at me and said, “No way am I running in this! I hate running in the rain!” I laughed and suggested that we just skip the running part and go straight to the beer. So we each had a pint, we swapped a couple of running stories, and then we both headed off to do other things.

So I’m not that tough. I had the most noble of intentions — but there was no point in my being the only person in town nutty enough to go out and run under those conditions. Maybe part of being tough is knowing that it’s okay sometimes to cut yourself some slack?

This morning was partly cloudy and beautiful, although a bit windy. I drove out to my favorite starting place and ran 4.5 quick miles along the waterfront. I noticed that the alders are leafing out at last. The whole world suddenly seemed to be a shimmering riot of green and blue.

Driving back home, completely wrung out but feeling strong and… tough… I found myself looking at people, buildings, birds, mountains, water, and sky — and simply loving my wonderful little town.

Everything looks more beautiful when you are in the midst of a runner’s high, don’t you think?

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  1. Oh, wow! And you were so ready to go! It really would have made no sense to go alone though. Makes sense that you both decided to just have the reward. Showing up is worth something, right?

    And oooh, my gosh! YES. Runners’ high really does something. I suddenly notice the beauty in every little thing around me. I bet that wouldn’t happen on a treadmill. 😉

  2. Having a beer with a friend sounds good, too! 🙂 Debra

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