What else happened today?

I don’t normally like to post two blog entries so close together, as it feels like I am upstaging myself. But the rest of what happened in my life today was just too momentous, and too weird, to put into a post that was all about devotion to extraordinary mid-century modern architecture.

As planned, today was my last day at work. I truly didn’t know what to expect, as it’s been 25 and a half years since I’ve quit a job, and I’ve never quit a job without another one waiting for me. So I started my day by running 4 miles, and barely got back in time for my very last meeting at 8:30. This was a simple one-on-one in which I demonstrated to a team mate how to update a web page that I’ve maintained. Once that was out of the way, I had a bunch of congratulatory posts to read on our company’s internal social media platform (I’d blogged there last night about today being my last day… sort of seeded my departure cloud, as it were). Quite a few people said really nice things about me, and that made me feel great albeit just a bit nostalgic. It’s too bad I seldom had the chance to feel so valued while I was actually there.

I took a mid-morning break to walk to the Loewy House, which is less than a mile from my condo. I returned a couple hours later, said a few more good byes, and printed off a bunch of forms that I’m supposed to fill out and return. Then I packed up my corporate cell phone and my corporate PC and took them to the nearest FedEx shipping center. And that was that. I am now free to move about my life.

Yes, it is a little scary (maybe a lot scary) but it also feels so right. I am courageous, I am resilient, and I have so much that I want to do in the real world. I’m going to be all right.


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  1. Last days are always weird, either for unexpected things or the sheer mundanity of them. I get a little weirded out at the end of every semester, not because I won’t be teaching again, but it is the ending of my time with those particular people, some of whom I’m not likely to ever see again. I can barely imagine what it would be like to leave a job I’d had for 25+ years. Not being at UNLV in some capacity might be close; I’ve been there since 1994.

  2. It must feel great not to be in that little corporate box any more. Now you have room to stretch.

  3. Lori – my prediction is that you won’t just be “all right,” you will continue to blossom! It was my pleasure working with you at both recent companies for so many years. Oh my … The ups and downs we have shared. I look forward to sharing the next leg of your journey from near and far!

  4. Major congratulations on a very big accomplishment. Yes indeed! You ARE courageous and resilient! Savor that feeling 🙂 Big things ahead…even if that just means taking care of yourself! Debra

  5. Sigh. Things become a cliche for a reason, of course. So, in that spirit — ye gods, I should have taken the time to surf over here before you left, not after. You and I share more than I suspected — I’m *obsessed* with modernist architecture and design, for (one superficial) example.

    But I’m here now. And I intend to do my best to keep learning from the things you have to teach — which are manifold, whether you’re always aware of them or not.

    • Mark,
      I am delighted and honored to see you here! It’s funny that even in the so-called “working out loud” world in which we are expected to work, we still don’t bring ALL of our multifaceted selves to work, do we?

  6. I have really enjoyed your Modernism Week posts! Congratulations on taking the next step forward. After the year you have had, it’s time to start enjoying life again!

  7. Talk to me...I'm your Mother

    I’m so behind in my reading that by now you know how wonderful it is to be courageous. Wonderful to read about it, tho.

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