Simplify, then add lightness

I hadn’t planned to write tonight. The process of making and then acting on decisions is emotionally wrenching for me. Last night I went to bed late and slept poorly. Although I obeyed the alarms on both iDevices and got up early enough this morning, I could not find the will to go running. I decided that since it was the Friday before that most famous of winter holidays, most of my colleagues were only going to work a half day and I could safely take off early and run this afternoon.

I wanted to tell you that as of today I’d met my goal of 500 miles in 2011, but I had to cut short both my Wednesday and Friday runs this week due to highly unusual side stitches that, I suspect, are related to my current stress. Mind, body — although I sometimes wish I could, I cannot experience these as separated, divided entities. So as of tonight I have run 498.5 miles this year. I should easily surpass 500 miles on Sunday — but I felt distressed that I couldn’t do it as planned today.

Yes, I know I am too hard on myself. But mind/body has spoken and forced me to listen.

It should have been a lovely run this afternoon. It was 70 degrees and I wore my wonderful new orange shorts. I may need to buy another pair — they were indeed that awesome. I enjoy being able to like the way I look in short shorts! Especially knowing how hard I’ve worked to be able to say that.

The title of tonight’s post came by way of a friend who commented offline (what’s that?) on my last post. Apparently that was Colin Chapman’s design mantra. Not being an English car person I confess I had to google the phrase and learned that he created the Lotus car and that this principle explicitly guided the design of the Europa.

It seems like a good design principle for life, doesn’t it?

Simplify, then add lightness. I need less stuff and more lightness. Less stress and more sky. Less stuff and more smiles. Less pain and more joy. Life is good and getting better. One step at a time.


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  1. I’m so glad you added the link to the Europa. Now that’s a car! 🙂 Congratulations on making your running goal. That’s an amazing accomplishment. And I love the challenge to consider simplify and add lightness. I’d like to carry that sentiment into 2012. I really enjoy your sharing, Lori. I hope that perhaps you’re already feeling a little “lightness”–I do! Debra

    • Debra,
      The past three days since I last wrote have not been easy for me. Although I chose to impose it upon myself, I now cannot recommend near-total solitude as the best holiday solution for the recently bereaved. Apparently I will have to keep learning and relearning that I truly do NOT want to be a hermit.
      I do take heart and feel some lightness in the fact that 2012 is now only a few days away. One way or another, I am going to have a happier new year.

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