Beer Run #3

Now that we’re back on standard time, it’s really dark by 5:30 in this part of the world. Even with a full moon, it’s dark. Even with a headlight, it’s possible to step into potholes and break your ankle in the dark. Even with a highly-reflective vest, it’s hard not to feel a little vulnerable.

I didn’t break any ankles or get hit by any cars, but I did slow down quite a bit. I slowed down not only because it was dark, but also because I dared to try running without knee braces for the first time in almost two years. Kurt had bought me those things way back, before my first half marathon, because my knees were bothering me a lot. I now know that these knees are probably going to be touchy forever, so I’ve continued wearing the braces even though they are now so worn out they probably aren’t doing me any good at all anymore. The reason I dared to try running without them tonight was because I finally bought myself some compression running tights, and the pair that I got are SUPER-optimized for knee support. I felt fine while I was running, but I won’t really know how well they worked until I get up tomorrow morning and try walking down the stairs!

The beer and socializing afterwards was great again. Then I repeated last week’s social whirl by turning up, tights and all, for the downtown art gathering. Everyone else in the room is actually artistic; I was goofing around on my iPad and now I’m blogging. Now, if I can get this app to do it, I’m going to be very brave and share my amazing artistic creation. Washingtonians may recognize this as my interpretation of the 14 Hands wine label that happened to be sitting in front of me.

Writing this, I can’t help but notice that it sounds like a perfectly chatty account of a perfectly normal life. Oh no, I’m almost boring! It’s rather good to relax and just have fun for a few hours when I can. Those moments are happening more often. It’s getting better.


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  1. beautiful interpretation of the label Lori. What a fun app. Yes, it is an amazing artistic creation!

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