Will run for beer

OK. So we’ve established that beer is a powerful motivator for me. Anyone who knows me well knows that I do enjoy my beer, but the combination of running and beer always seemed a little odd — until I tried it. I guess my first run+beer experience was my race in June, but then I started following this guy who calls himself The Beer Runner. I found him first on Twitter and then I started reading his blog for Draft magazine. I’m not sure I mentioned it, but at the Victoria half marathon they were actually handing out beer at about 9.3 miles (I passed, but I made up for it at lunch afterwards).

It seems that beer running is becoming quite the thing — and when you think about it, it makes sense. At least when it comes to afternoon runs, nothing else quite quenches a post-run thirst like a good beer — carbs plus hydration equals all good stuff, right???

So tonight the North Olympic Running Club held its first of what I hope will be many beer runs, meeting at a local brewpub called Barhop. Maybe ten people showed up. It was cold, and darkness was already not far away at 5:30. I figured I’d take it easy, run 3-4 miles, and come back for a beer. I parked my car about a block away, and while everyone was milling around trying to decide what to do, I went to my car to put my jacket away (knowing that even though it was in the mid-40s, I’d be way too warm running with a jacket). As I was walking away from my car, I saw the whole group crossing the street in front of me — and then the signal turned and I stood there waiting while a bazillion cars went by. By the time I was able to cross, the pack was 1-2 blocks ahead and only three people were in sight.

Stupidly, I decided to catch up. Incredibly, I did catch up with and pass two people. I was running at an unsustainable (for me) pace of just under 10:30. It was starting to get quite dark, and I turned on my headlight and turned myself around at 1.75 miles. I took a shortcut back to my car to retrieve my jacket, finishing at 3.46 miles in just over 36 minutes, which is a 10:34 pace, which is faster than I’ve ever run even one mile in my slow happy running career. I didn’t catch my time at 5k, but it would have been a PR for me. I have never run three sub-11-minute miles back to back in my life before.

And then there was beer. It wasn’t free beer, but it was locally brewed and wonderful. The pizza was meatless, free, and good. I am a most definitely a slow happy runner tonight.

We want to make it a weekly thing, and it helps that the Barhop’s owners are runners. I had a great run and got to spend some time relaxing with fun people.

By the way, I saw my doctor this afternoon, who told me to stop worrying, take off the heart monitor, and enjoy running because I’m absurdly healthy. Those charts that say “NEVER exceed xxx beats per minute” based on an age formula are AVERAGES, and apparently I have a high-revving heart — which is something I actually first noticed way back in high school.

Oh — one more thing. I’ve been honored with another blogging award — thanks Conchsaladesque! But I can’t claim it until I’ve found five more new blogs to recommend. I think this is a plot by WordPress to make people read other people’s blogs — and it’s working! But it will take me some time to pass along this award. Stay tuned!

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  1. Sounds like you had a really good time! Absurdly healthy- love it!! 🙂

  2. Wonderful! My partner and I have a weekly beer run ritual where we dash down to our local pub drink a light beer and head home. It’s about 4 miles round trip and we love it every time we do it =D

    • It was probably the most child-like (fun) running I’ve done — just shutting off the voice in my head saying “you’re going too fast, you’ll hurt yourself” and going after and catching up with those other runners in the twilight. Doing that made the beer taste that much better!

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