One first time after another

I got through my first birthday without Kurt, in a city that he loved, at a hotel that he would have loved — brand new, eclectically modern, aimed at “the curious class.” Each first time I do something new without him is still very challenging. I kept wanting to call him and tell him about the amazing things I was seeing and doing. Then I’d remember that I couldn’t.

Some steps are bigger and tougher than others. From the perspective of what I’ve just done, running a half marathon two days from now shouldn’t be all that hard. If I can get enough sleep between now and Sunday morning, and then find my way to the starting line, from there on it’s a simple matter of putting one foot in front of the other.

(Written at 32,000 feet, posted back on terra firma. I’m still a technogeek.)


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  1. Dearest Lori,
    A belated but very heartfelt happy birthday. I will be thinking of you during the race. In fact, I shall be in Chicago, where they are running the Chicago marathon on Sunday, and I am visiting my invalid aunt who turned 81 on Tuesday. I consider that synchronicity, and a good omen for your race.
    most warmly

  2. I enjoy hearing of your journey and successes. Keep up the good work!

  3. Happy birthday (guess I did not know when it was–so when was it?)!

    Have a wonderful, slow, happy 13K! Hugs, Geri

  4. Glad to know you made it back to WA. Of course it’s a gorgeous blue-sky day here today; I’ve been chuckling about you bringing WA weather with you all week. I’m heading to Renfair in a little while. Went up the mountain yesterday to see fall aspens. Some were still mostly green, even as they were covered in ice and snow. Even got to get snowed on, a fairly rare event in my life.

    • It was misty in Seattle but gorgeous when I got home. Kenmore Air put me in the co-pilot seat of their 9-passenger plane. The view, especially lining up for the landing, was spectacular — makes me want to learn to fly!

  5. ellen dearinger

    Lori….Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you….happy birthday dear doctor Lori…Happy birthday to you….And many more…[wanted to make sure that someone sang Happy Birthday to you ] Love Ellen

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