A postcard from the road

I had a goosebumps moment today. Literally at the very moment that I exited I-40 to join old Route 66 at Kingman, AZ, my iPod chose (out of 1206 randomly-ordered songs) to play the Rolling Stones’ version of “Route 66.” I was stunned. It was the nearest thing I’ve had to a  message from Kurt that things are going to be OK.

I’d already taken back roads for part of the way, and my Porsche loved the “dippy dippy roads,” as we called them when we were kids. I stopped at a couple of historic Route 66 sites and took photos, but I don’t have the technology to post them right now.

After I returned to the interstate at Seligman, my car and I sailed through torrential downpours when I could barely see the road, and then over a 7,335 foot summit. With all the ups, downs and turns I still managed over 25 mpg. I love my Cayenne Hybrid!

Now I can look out my hotel window and see my car nestled in amongst lots of other Porsches… and most people won’t arrive until tomorrow. I’ve already seen old friends and made new ones, and I’m looking forward to more of that.

Oh, and going running! I did 3 miles this morning in a hot, uncharacteristically steamy desert and did fine, so now tomorrow I’ll find out how I do at 6900 feet. There is a two-mile loop trail within the hotel grounds that is going to take priority over washing the bugs off my car. The only question is how many times I’ll do the loop before I go make my car all beautiful for the “fun” car show. I suspect that “fun car show” may be strikingly similar in execution to the “fun run” with a world record-holder that I passed on last night. This is the Porsche Club, after all.


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  1. Sweet…so gald that you had a wonderful drive, and love the Route 66 connection (with the Rolling Stones, too)…rolling along. Not random…connected. Enjoy the event and be safe (don’t speed…tee hee). Hugs, Geri

  2. Lori, I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you and that you are in my prayers. Have fun on the road trip, cry when you need to, but remember to laugh often,[Kurt would want you to] I too think the route 66 thing was pretty incredible,[sounds like the kind of trick Kurt would pull] there are many things we do not understand or know fully. See you later, Ellen

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